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Workers’ Compensation

Newark, New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Injured workers suffer on many fronts.

They are unable to go to work. They do not have an income. On top of their normal expenses, they have medical bills. If you are not receiving the benefits you are owed for your workplace injury, you need to take action.

Only a lawyer can enforce your rights!
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Mark | Lavigne, LLC, understands the urgency of your situation. The firm’s team provides knowledgeable, focused legal service, and work one-on-one with its clients. They can give you and your case the personal attention needed for a positive outcome.

If you suffered a job injury, you are entitled to Workers Compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation will pay you for medical expenses and time off work – even gas and mileage for driving to the doctor’s office.

And if your injury disables you, you will have to work a lower paying job in the future. Workers’ compensation can reimburse you for your lost earning potential.

New Jersey’s Workman’s Compensation Policy

In New Jersey, every worker is entitled to benefits for on-the-job injuries. Employers are required to have Workers’ compensation insurance to pay those benefits. If they do not, they may be subject to heavy penalties.

If your employer doesn’t have Workers’ Comp insurance, New Jersey has a fund set up to pay benefits to workers in your situation.

How Will My Case Be Resolved?

A skilled employment law lawyer at Mark | Lavigne, LLC, will gather medical evidence and, if available, eye-witness testimony to prove two things

  • That your injury was caused on the job
  • Whether you need compensation for any permanent disability

Your case will be decided by a workers’ compensation judge during a hearing. The settlement will depend on the severity of your injuries.

To schedule an appointment with an attorney at Mark | Lavigne, LLC, call 908-460-8996 or contact the firm online. The firm’s offices are located in Basking Ridge, Oradell and New Jersey.

Handling New Jersey Workplace Accidents

New Jersey workers who suffer a work-related injury, occupational disease or disability are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages. The team at Mark | Lavigne, LLC is adept at helping clients obtain the benefits they need when they have been injured in a workplace accident.

Handling workplace accidents involving warehouse accidents, construction accidents, office incidents and all other types of workplace accidents, the firm is experienced in cases involving all types of work injuries, such as

  • Back Injury
  • Neck Injury
  • Shoulder Injury
  • Carpel Tunnel Injury
  • Head Injury
  • Amputation Injury
  • Other serious injury

While injured workers may be prohibited from pursuing a lawsuit against an employer for injuries sustained in a work accident, there are situations where an injured worker is entitled to personal injury compensation in addition to any workers’ compensation benefits. The personal injury team at Mark | Lavigne, LLC has extensive experience investigating workplace accidents and identifying all available avenues of liability. For example, in a construction accident, Mark | Lavigne, LLC, may pursue a third-party liability claim against the manufacturer of defective construction equipment.

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