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Workers’ Compensation

Fighting for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Being injured on the job can be frustrating, and you need a law firm that can back you up and support your immediate needs. Mark Law Firm’s experienced team routinely handles workers’ compensation matters throughout New Jersey.

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We fight for our clients after workplace injuries.

Free Workers’ Compensation Consultations

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, we can assist you. When you schedule a free consultation with our team, we’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your potential claims as well as what to expect during the legal process.

We offer flexible appointment hours with availability during evenings and weekends. We also conduct home and hospital visits upon request.

Legal Information You Need

Our team is ready to speak with you about the many topics that can arise during a workers’ compensation case, such as

  • Covered vs. non-covered claims
  • Employee benefits
  • Employment status
  • Medical treatment
  • No-fault liability issues
  • Notice periods
  • Statutes of limitations
  • Treatment and waiting periods