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All Terrain Vehicle Accidents

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All-terrain vehicles, or commonly called ATVs, provide hours of fun for riders. In fact, the rules for ATVs are quite relaxed. In New Jersey, a kid as young as 14 years of age can operate an ATV without a permit or license. All that is necessary is that the vehicle be registered and child drivers under 18 participate in ATV Safety Institute classes.

The causes of all-terrain vehicle accidents are varied but typically involve driver error, terrain, weather conditions, obstacles, or other ATVs. Many ATV injuries involve brain damage, spine injury, head trauma, and neurological conditions. These injuries may be life-long and affect a victim’s ability to work and participate in normal daily activities.

Adults must monitor and supervise any child operating an ATV, and the adult has a legal responsibility to implement precautions to ensure the safety of riders, passengers, and spectators. For example, common sense precautions include

  • Confirming that the area is safe for the child to operate the vehicle
  • Being sure that the child has taken the safety class
  • Providing direction on vehicle usage
  • Providing safety equipment, including helmets and pads
  • Maintaining the vehicle for safety, and
  • Making sure the ATV is appropriate for the child’s age and size.

When an adult fails to uphold his or her responsibility to take such precautions, ensuring a child is safe, and a child sustains an ATV injury, the adult may be held liable in court.

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All-terrain vehicle accidents can result in a variety of injuries, including brain injuries and broken bones.

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