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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Newark, New Jersey

Lawyer Representing Victims of Nursing Home Negligence in Essex County

We expect our hospitals to take care of. We enter a hospital not because we want to but, because we must. We trust the hospital staff, the doctors and the nurses to take care of, to help us, to make us better so we can leave. Often, the treatment carries over to outpatient surgical centers, nursing homes, or nursing care facilitates. We trust that we, or our loved ones, are being taken care of and receiving the highest level of medical care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and we and our loved ones suffer due to the negligence of nursing care. When we or a loved one suffers from any inadequate care, complications of their condition or treatment, because of the negligence of a nurse, you and your loved one may be entitled to monetary compensation for injuries.

We at The Mark Law Firm have seen cases stemming from the following

  • Lack of Care
  • Lack of Supervision
  • Lack of Restraints
  • Improper or incorrect medication
  • Bed Sores
  • Fall Downs
  • Improper Nutrition
  • Abuse
  • Assault
  • Lack of Sanitary Conditions
  • General Neglect
  • Fractured Hips

By law, a patient has rights when under the care of New Jersey nursing homes. The rights are outlined for the safety, protection and well-being of the patient. All New Jersey nursing homes must

  • Provide proper medical and nursing home care for all residents
  • Protect resident funds
  • Honor the privacy and confidentiality of each resident
  • Ensure that residents are free from physical restraints used for purposes other than to treat medical symptoms
  • Develop and implement written policies and procedures that prohibit mistreatment, neglect, and abuse of residents and misappropriation of resident property
  • Promote the quality of life for each resident
  • Protect the dignity of each resident
  • Encourage all residents to participate in the planning and in the decisions related to care and treatment and to make choices about significant aspects of his or her life in the facility
  • Provide each resident with the right to receive services with the reasonable accommodation of individual needs and preferences, without endangering the well being of the individual or other residents
  • Provide an ongoing program of activities designed to meet the interests and physical, mental and psychosocial well being of each resident

In New Jersey certain hospitals and healthcare facilities are affiliated with the State or local municipalities. When this is the case, and a claim of negligence is made due to the lack of care at one of those facilities or employees of those facilities, there are strict time limitations within which notice of intention to bring a lawsuit against such nurses must be filed. We at The Mark Law Firm have experience filing Notice of Tort Claims against the correct parties to hold them accountable.

Additionally, certain forms must be filed shortly after your lawsuit has been filed, called affidavit of merits. A qualified expert in the field in which you are claiming negligence must be filed within 90 days after the answer has been filed.

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