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Jersey City, New Jersey – Employment Law

Employment Law Attorney in Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City employees have rights under federal and state laws that secure them against workplace harassment and discrimination. These rights also extend to wage protections and protect employees from retaliation if they file a complaint against their employer. If you have experienced workplace misconduct or are an employer facing unfair claims, our expert team is available to assist you.

Jersey City, NJ Employment Claims Lawyers – Expert Legal Assistance at Your Service

Our Attorneys Are Ready To Assist You With Employment-Related Claims

  • Discrimination and harassment based on protected group membership:
    • Racial discrimination or harassment
    • Discrimination based on sex, gender, or sexual orientation
    • Sexual harassment
    • Age discrimination
    • Disability discrimination
    • Discrimination based on pregnancy status
    • Religious discrimination
    • Nationality-based discrimination or harassment
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Prevailing wage or unpaid wage violations
  • Issues arising from employment contracts

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If you’re an employee in Jersey City, New Jersey, you have rights under federal and state law. This includes the right to employment without facing harassment, retaliation, or discrimination based on your age, gender, race, or national origin. If you feel that you have been the victim of workplace misconduct or are an employer looking for defense against unfair claims, our expert team is prepared to help.

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