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Safeguarding Your Rights Through the Appeals Process

Courts aren’t perfect. Like the rest of us, judges make mistakes. If you believe you’ve been subject to an erroneous trial court decision, the Mark Law Firm can help you navigate the appeals process.

Filing an Appeal in New Jersey

There are countless ways a trial can go wrong, resulting in an unfair verdict. This is why the appeals process exists. If you’ve been handed a verdict that was influenced by bias, misinformation, inadmissible evidence, misinterpretation of the law, or other legal errors, an appeal gives you the opportunity to make your case again. In most cases, you have up to 45 days from the date of a final judgement to file an appeal.

The appeals process, however, can be complex and time consuming. A successful appeal requires extensive research, meticulously written briefs, and a thorough understanding of court rules. Working with an experienced appellate attorney will give you the best possible chance of success.

Appealing Your Case with the Mark Law Firm

The attorneys at the Mark Law Firm specialize in employment, personal injury, consumer fraud, and contract law, and our team is well equipped to handle appeals of these types of cases. Examples of issues we’ve appealed include

To start a conversation about your case and its potential for a successful appeal, reach out to the team at the Mark Law Firm today. We’ll review your case and assess its merits for appeal. If we decide to move ahead, we’ll make sure everything is filed properly and on time and that the court receives all the information it needs to reach a fair and just decision.

Jamison Mark is an exceptional attorney who cares deeply about his clients. Jamison and his staff always put their client's needs first by providing responsiveness along with top notch legal representation and trial skills.
Steven S.
No matter how many questions I had, Jamison and his staff were ready, willing, and able to provide me the best guidance and advice. He is compassionate, a great communicator, honest, and extremely knowledgeable regarding employment law. He treated me like family. I am truly thankful for his guidance, which afforded me a better outcome.
Deborah C.
They are all professional, kind, easy to talk to, and dedicated to the client not 100% but 1,000%. I feel as though a million thank yous are not enough for the time and effort they have put into my case.
Silyne T.
Jamison has helped me in a couple of different cases in employment law matters, and I couldn't have been happier. He is very thorough and competent, and everything was done in a timely fashion.
Chris S.
To summarize my experience, I would use words like compassion, efficient, competent, professional, and determined. I would recommend the Mark Law Firm and the amazing staff there to anyone.
Satisfied Client
The Mark Law Firm is an incredible team of experienced attorneys and paralegals. They are very hard-working, dedicated, and compassionate towards their clients, and I would recommend them to anyone. Do yourself a favor and get them on your side if you want quality results.
Catherine J.
Great practice, great lawyer! I would recommend the Mark Law Firm to family and friends. They’re extremely knowledgeable and will explain things from start to finish.
Kent H.
Jamison M. Mark, Esq. and staff were exceptionally professional, down to earth, and on the "Mark" with respect to the outcome of my settlement. I highly recommend the Mark Law Firm to assist with various legal matters.
Fayth M.
Jamison and his staff are a pleasure to work with and always take the time to listen. I would recommend that anyone with a legal issue speak with them!
Scott K.
This is a great firm and lawyer with practical advice and honest answers.
Evan G.
When my accident occurred, I did not know how to proceed. I reached out to my old attorney from another state (Mallilo & Grossman), who referred me to Jamison Mark. Jamison immediately helped me seek treatment for my injuries. He was and continues to be responsive to my questions, displaying concern and compassion. During the pandemic, his professionalism and attentiveness to my case always made me feel like a priority. Jamison Mark and the Mark Law Firm provide impeccable service to their clients. Thank you!
LeAnn C.
The Mark Law Firm did a tremendous job with my case. They were excellent in communicating thorough answers to my questions. They made me feel at ease all through the case. It was as if I was being represented by a family member.
Isabel D.
At the first day I came to Mr. Mark's office to consult because of my wrongful termination, the attorneys helped me through my case. It was very helpful. Thank God they resolved my problems so quickly. They are very good lawyers who help the little guy.
Thank you to The Mark Law Firm for taking my work-related case. Not only did you fight for me, but you walked me thoroughly through the case from beginning to end. If you ever need a reliable, trustworthy and fighting team, make sure to reach out to them. They will not disappoint you.
I'm extremely thankful for all of the support, professionalism, and knowledge The Mark Law Firm gave through this time. They are a great firm and I would highly recommend.

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