At The Mark Law Firm, we understand the stress, anxiety, and indignity legal disputes can cause. We are your advocates, counselors, and representatives for all kinds of civil, criminal, traffic, employment, and family law issues. We will help you understand the legal process and advise you of your rights every step of the way. We will guide you to the best possible options for your case, and we will work closely with you to bring your matter to a final resolution.

Jamison Mark, Esq.

At The Mark Law Firm

We work with clients of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences on all kinds of legal issues. For us, you are more than just a case file, a stack of papers, or an opportunity. We take the time to get to know you and your unique situation and help you evaluate the risks and benefits of different courses of action along the way. We will explore every option in the pursuit of your best interests and will do so honestly, with an upfront and personal approach that empowers you to make well-informed decisions. We have effectively counseled clients through matters related to education law, personal injury, employment law, criminal law, workers’ compensation, family law, and many other civil matters and disputes.


Legal issues can be tough. Let us help you through them.

Practice Areas

Employment Law

Employees in New Jersey have rights under federal and state law, including unemployment benefits, Workers’ Compensation and wages and overtime pay.

Workers’ Compensation

Being injured on-the-job can always be a frustrating matter, and you need a law firm that can back you up and support your immediate needs.

Family Law

“Family Law” is a term describing a general area of law that includes issues such as marriage, domestic partnership, divorce, and juvenile adjudication.

Criminal Law

The Mark Law Firm has a solid reputation of representing clients in the defense of drug crimes, sex crimes, as well as violent and non-violent crimes.

Personal Injury

Life changes drastically in the aftermath of a serious accident or injury. Emotional and financial ramifications can also be extensive.

Civil Matters & Disputes

The Mark Law Firm handles Civil Matters and Disputes of all kinds.

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At The Mark Law Firm, you are more than just a case file, a stack of papers or an opportunity. The firm is genuinely interested in helping you with your legal issues, concerns and if necessary, litigation.