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Day Care Injuries

Daycare Injury Lawyer in Cranford, New Jersey

Representing Families with Children Injured at Daycare in Union County

Thousands of families rely on day care centers to help with family needs of watching and educating children. Sometimes, however, an accident occurs and you get that horrifying phone call telling you that your child has been injured.

Injuries are common at day cares, ranging from small cuts and bruises to major injury. Accidents will happen, however, when the accident happens because of negligence from the day care and its employees, and your child is hurt, action must be taken. A Day Care center’s employees who fail to monitor, supervise and are not properly trained cause problems. Throw in lack of staffing, and you have the most common forms of negligence. When your child is hurt, we at The Mark Law Firm are here to help provide accountability and seek compensation.

Even Small Errors Can Be Serious

The responsibility of a day care is great, but there is no excuse for even a small error because the result can be catastrophic. Your child is the most important thing in the world. There can be no lack of judgment, delay, or negligence in watching you child. When there is negligence, a typical injury occurs such as head, back and neck injuries. In the worst of cases we see paralysis and even death. Cases brought to The Mark Law Firm will result in a civil case filed providing the surviving family members an avenue to provide real accountability for the injury to your child.

Signs of Negligence

Unfortunately, negligence at the Day Care is typically discovered too late and after the fact. There are stringent federal and State laws that exist to protect children. Day Care centers must follow the law, must implement, train and monitor their employees to make sure your child is safe. Simple, but important, responsibilities include making safe environment, removing dangerous toys, chocking objects, and are provide proper and constant oversight. When you meet with the team at The Mark Law Firm, we will want to know some of the following information:

  • Proper staff to child ratios
  • First aid kit availability
  • Property safety protocol
  • Training protocol
  • Staffing information (hiring and training)
  • Facility information
  • Safety protocol for children
  • Day Care Policy and Procedures
  • Prior incidents reported or known

Additionally, if you can provide any of the written information given to you, such as the contract, guidelines, and accident reports, we can better evaluate your case.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt at a daycare facility, it is crucial to get in touch with a personal injury attorney to learn how the law applies in your case. Both the victims of this negligence and their families can be entitled to monetary compensation for damages suffered because of daycare negligence. Please contact The Mark Law Firm and speak with an experienced daycare negligence attorney. Call 908-460-8996, or contact us online for a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION.