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Municipal Sidewalk Injuries

Municipal Property Sidewalk Accidents

Newark Sidewalk Accident & Fall — Municipal Property Attorney

Mark | Lavigne, LLC is a small firm with a large presents, specializing in personal injury law, and has handled hundreds of slip and fall sidewalk accidents in which our clients become injured due to the negligence of the landowner, often times that owner is a Town, City, Borough or village municipal property.

Sidewalk injuries involving tripping, slipping and falling occur almost daily in New Jersey. Often times, you are minding your own business , when without warning you comes across a dangerous sidewalk and trip over a dangerous ledge or condition. Our injury team represents people who are injured in accidents throughout New Jersey. Our firm has a proven track record of recovering and obtaining favorable results for our clients. When looking to hire an attorney, they should have experience in obtaining favorable settlements in a similar type of accident.

In New Jersey, Municipalities are entitled to a qualified immunity pursuant to the New Jersey Tort Claims Act. In order to properly preserve your claim against a municipality for a slip and fall accident, you must file a notice of tort claim (“NTC”) with the municipality within 90 days of the accident. Failure to file such a notice timely, may result in losing your lawsuit against the municipality forever.

Liability Due to Nuisance, Sidewalk

A street and every part of it is so far dedicated to the public that any act or obstruction which unnecessarily incommodes or impedes its lawful use is a nuisance.

One who constructs a drain, grating or a coal hole or similar structure in the sidewalk does it subject to the right of safe passage of the public over and along every part of the sidewalk. In making such use of the sidewalk, he/she is required to do so by a method of construction which does not create a nuisance and, having done so, is under a further duty of exercising reasonable care to keep the structure safe for the use of the public.

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