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Bus Accidents

Bus Accident Lawyer Somerset County, New Jersey

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Most people who live and work in New Jersey drive their own cars. Many of those who are concerned about being involved in auto accident, however, elect to take the more leisurely and environmentally friendly option of riding the bus to work. Many who commute into New York City to work also take public transportation because it is less stressful and tedious than making the drive. Because most buses do not have seat belts or other safety mechanisms, those who are involved in bus accidents can be seriously injured. The most common type of bus accident involves another motorist who attempts to cut off a bus or drive in a bus’s blind spot while the driver is making a wide turn onto a street or into a driveway. The personal injury team at Mark Law Firm provides consultations to victims of bus accidents to discuss the facts of their cases and the legal remedies that they may choose to pursue.

School Buses

School busses are common on New Jersey streets. Although they are most often seen in the morning and late afternoon, when they transport children to and from school for the day, they also operate at other times, including evenings and weekends, to facilitate field trips and extracurricular activities. School bus accidents are very unfortunate due to the children that are being transported, and the horrible injuries that come from a bus accident.

Tour Bus

Tour busses allow New Jersey visitors and residents to enjoy a day of sightseeing with family and friends without having to worry about driving and parking. They transport people around New Jersey and New York City to various attractions and tourist sites.

Taking a New Jersey public bus is appealing to many commuters, tourists, and families for a variety of reasons. Busses can use the carpool lane, allowing them to bypass traffic that might delay single drivers. Taking the bus eliminates the need to find and pay for parking and saves money on gas and auto maintenance. Many bus riders also value the time they gain on their commute to prepare for work or to relax before and after work. Because of the lack of safety equipment on public busses, bus accidents can result in particularly severe injuries.

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