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Motorcycle Accidents

Newark, New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

New Jersey sees motorcycle accidents every hour that can dramatically alter the lives of those involved.

A motorcycle is a joy to ride, but there are certain extra precautions that go along with the responsibility of owning a motorcycle. Typically, a motorcycle accident occurs when a vehicle inattentively switches lanes or cuts in front of the motorcycle operator, forcing the rider off the road or into a curb or another vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents most often involve only the motorcycle, but sometimes the motorcycle collides with other vehicles. In either case, the result is never minor. Heavy traffic, poor road conditions, construction, curvy roads, and drivers’ lack of familiarity with motorcycle riders contribute to the frequency of motorcycle accidents on New Jersey roads.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the experienced team at Mark | Lavigne, LLC, who will offer you a free confidential consultation to discuss the facts surrounding your case and your resulting injuries. The general questions we may ask include

  • Time of day that the accident occurred;
  • Whether you or the other driver had been drinking;
  • What type of insurance you have;
  • What type of damage your vehicle sustained;
  • What type of injury you suffered;
  • Whether the police were called to the accident;
  • What statements you made to the police officer;
  • Whether you or the other driver were issued a traffic citation; and
  • Whether there any witnesses to the accident.

Our personal injury team will also likely ask you to fill out a medical release form so we are able to obtain a complete understanding of your injuries, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis from your health care provider.

Once our team has conducted your free and confidential initial consultation, if we decide to proceed, we will assist you in seeking compensation for damages such as

  • Medical bills,
  • Lost wages,
  • Vehicle repairs,
  • Rental of a replacement vehicle,
  • Insurance deductible,
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Future expenses directly resulting from car crash.

Motorcycle Accident Expert

Motorcycle collisions that occur in intersections are complicated cases. Often, the investigating officer is in the position of having to sort out a he said/she said scenario: the auto driver may swear that his light was green when the motorcycle rider blew through a red light, for example. If there are no independent witnesses, the investigating officer often sides with the motor vehicle driver based on a biased notion that motorcycle riders are rebels. Our expert personal injury team will conduct a thorough investigation to locate independent witnesses and traffic cameras and to consult with accident reconstruction and traffic experts to determine responsibility.

Injuries sustained by motorcyclists involved in accidents are often critical, life-altering, and financially draining. Injured riders typically lose income due to their inability to work while racking up bills for medical treatment, prescriptions, vehicle repairs, and other expenses that arise as a result of the motorcycle accident. The experienced personal injury team in our New Jersey law firm will work with you to build a strong case that clearly demonstrates your daily struggles, the stress of your inability to pay your bills, the extent of your injuries, the cost and necessity of your current and future medical care, your loss of earning capacity, and any other accident-related expenses. Although serious injuries are typical, recovery is also possible for more minor injuries. Our team is committed to achieving the compensation our clients require for healing and recuperation from the physical and emotional damage caused by the accident.

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