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Animal Attacks

New Jersey Animal Attack Lawyer in Somerset County

Compensation for Animal Attacks in New Jersey

Animal attacks occur at zoos, on the street, in apartment complexes, backyards, parks and forests, and inside homes. Most animal attacks occur because the owner or custodian of the animal—usually a dog—allows the animal to leave their control (for example, by walking a dog off leash), and then the animal attacks an innocent person. Sometimes, an attack occurs because a dog is just too strong for its owner to control.

The Consequences of Animal Attacks

Each month, New Jersey residents document and report a substantial number of animal attacks. Most of these reported attacks result in serious injury, and some are lethal. Animal attacks can cause severe and prolonged pain and may also require months of painful and dangerous reconstructive surgery. In some cases, the victim must be treated for rabies. In addition to physical and psychological suffering, victims of animal attacks can face financially crippling medical costs.

Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one experienced an animal attack and suffered serious injuries, a local attorney who is experienced in these cases can help you protect your rights. Most people who are attacked by animals never seek compensation, often because they believe they are partially to blame for their injuries or because they are afraid the animal may be put down if they report the incident. An experienced personal injury lawyer can answer all of your questions and review your options for recovering compensation for your injuries.

New Jersey Dog Bite Law

Any dog is capable of biting and seriously injuring anyone they attack, especially if the victim is a child. In New Jersey, the dog’s owner is liable for any and all injuries directly resulting from its bite—even if it’s never bitten anyone before and has no history of viciousness. Reporting a dog bite will not necessarily result in the dog being put down. The Animal Control Division of the Department of Public Health conducts investigations to determine what action is most appropriate in each individual case.

Your attorney will consult with you to determine the value that should be associated with your particular injuries. The attorney can then present these costs to the animal owner’s insurance company. What is considered fair compensation depends on several factors, including whether the dog has a history of vicious behavior. In New Jersey, personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the incident to recover for injuries sustained in an animal attack.

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

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