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Property Damage Lawyer in Union. New Jersey

Lawyer Representing Victims of Property Damage in Union County

Damage to one’s personal property due to another person’s negligence is “property damage.” When someone negligently, recklessly or intentionally destroys your property you have a claim against that person for the value of the property damaged.

The team at The Mark Law Firm handles property damage claims for their clients. We have seen many type of property damage, such as

  • Damages to structures, buildings and homes
  • Damage to cars, trucks, boats, ATV and motorcycles
  • Destruction of personal property such as jewelry, art, clothing, and other material objects
  • Damage to animals, pets and livestock.

It is a great inconvenience and creates a lot of frustration when someone damages your property, and when that happens you need a strong legal team to back you up. Rarely a homeowner will have insurance to cover the damages, and more often, an insurance company will you’re your claim for reimbursement. The Mark Law Firm is aggressive, persistent and knowledgeable about property damages.

The amount of recovery for property damage can vary, but it is typically based upon the replacement value, cost of repairs to the damaged item(s), and/or loss of use until repaired or replaced.

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