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Terroristic Threats

Terrorist Threats

You have had enough and you are going to tell your neighbor, or that kid down the street, maybe a colleague, your boss, or just a random stranger who has aggravated you beyond your boiling point that they need to leave you alone.

In the discussion, you calming tell your aggravator that you are going to beat them up, kick their butt, or even kill them if they don’t stop. You turn and walk away. That evening Manville Police Department ends up at your door step and you are arrested for making a terroristic threat.

A terroristic threat is simply when a person threatens another with violence. It could also be a threat to cause evacuation of a building, or a threat to cause serious public inconvenience. A person is guilty of Terroristic Threat in the 3rd Degree if a person threatens to kill another with the intent to place the person in imminent fear of death, and which the victim reasonably believed there to be an immediate likelihood that the threat could be carried out.

A charge of Terroristic Threat is a very serious charge and must be handled by experienced, dedicated lawyers in Hillsborough New Jersey. The Mark Law Firm represents client in Somerset County in the defense of Terroristic Threat charges. Contact us at 908-375-6767 to discuss your case, your options and what defense is best for you.

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