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Car Jacking

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What is carjacking? N.J.S.A. 2C:15-2 defines carjacking as inflicting bodily injury upon, using force against, or threatening bodily harm to the occupant of a motor vehicle while unlawfully taking possession of it. In other words, car jacking in New Jersey is a very serious offense and if convicted you are looking at a possible jail sentence.

You’re out for a joy ride when, all of a sudden, your buddy jumps out of the car and points a shotgun at another driver in a BMW. You and a friend are arrested for carjacking and need a criminal defense attorney. What should you do? This is a very typical question, and a question that can be answered by one of The Mark Law Firm criminal defense team members.

First, you should know that carjacking is a very serious crime that can result in a 5- to 30-year prison sentence if convicted. It also carries and a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in state prison.

Second, you should know that a conviction of car jacking stays on your permanent criminal records for the rest of your life. Trying to find a job with a car jacking conviction on your record is not easy.

Third, if you hire an attorney to represent you, make sure the attorney has experience with the criminal laws of New Jersey and can provide you with not only proper legal advise but with aggressive trial representation.

Excellent legal representation is critical to your defense. With more than 15 years of experience in criminal matters, The Mark Law Firm and its team are here to help. We represent clients throughout the state of New Jersey, including Hillsborough, Somerset County and the surrounding areas of New Jersey. Contract us immediately and allow us to help you through these very serious charges.

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