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You and a group of buddies have gotten together for another Friday night poker night.

You meet at Johnny’s house, who charges a modest $100 fee to walk in, and 10% of your winnings. No worries, you have brought you lucky cards, all of which are marked with special dye only you can see with your fancy glasses.

New Jersey is a state in which there are many opportunities for someone to be charged with illegal gambling. The State currently has legal forms of gambling which are horse racing, the lottery, and simulcast betting. However, when Gambling is not sanctioned by the state of New Jersey, it becomes illegal. There are many types of gambling within state in which it becomes a crime, such as

  • Promoting gambling,
  • Possession of gambling records,
  • Underage gambling,
  • Cheating,
  • Illegal casino gambling by use of illegal chips,
  • Illegal online gambling,
  • Use of marked cards or loaded dice, and
  • Bookmaking.

Now that you have been hitting a hot streak, Mikey, sitting next to you pulls out his badge and is an undercover police officer. You are arrested for being part of illegal gambling. If arrested for illegal gambling not only you could face jail, probation, forfeiture of money, but you also may have to deal with the IRS and tax evasion or racketeering implications.

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