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It’s simple, you just signed your name in place of someone else, and then used that check to pass as your own.

Maybe you signed a check, or credit card receipt, loan papers, or signed using someone’s identification. Forgery charges are very serious, and are considered crimes of dishonesty. Forgery occurs in many forms, in which a person has been charged with a nonviolent crime in which one falsely signs, certifies, uses, or allows another to use property not rightfully theirs.

A person is guilty of forgery if, with the purpose to defraud or injure another or with the knowledge of fraud to another, you alter, change, transfer, executes or makes any writing without the authorization of another.

Forgery can be an indictable offense of the 3rd Degree if the forgery is part of securities, stocks and bonds, postage, stamps, licenses, prescriptions or money, such as checks.

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