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Defense to Crimes

Defenses to Arrests & Charges of Crimes

The Mark Law Firm takes the defense of its clients very seriously.

A few of the more common arguments made in the defense of our clients are listed below. A determination of a person’s innocence or guilt can often seem simple, but the legal arguments designed to convince and judge or jury or your innocence is not simple. The state must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and The Mark Law Firm fights to prove your innocence. Our criminal defense team applies the following defenses and general principals of justification.

  • Constitutional Violations
    Lack of Probable Cause
    4th Amendment Search & Seizure
    Double Jeopardy
  • Entrapment
  • Lack of mens rea
  • Mistake or ignorance of the law
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Alibi
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Liability or conduct of a 3rd Party
  • Intoxication
  • Duress
  • Consent
  • Necessity
  • Use of Force in Self Defense; and
  • Insanity and/or fitness.

These types of defenses are available should you truly have a viable legal basis to assert such a defense. The case and all charges may be thrown out if the defense is supported by credible evidence. Contact The Mark Law Firm to discuss your case. The Mark Law Firm represents criminal defendants throughout the Newark metro. Call The Mark Law firm at 908-460-8996.