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What Does Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Mean?

What Does Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Mean?

You may file a workers’ compensation claim petition after you have received treatment and your employer’s doctor has declared that you have reached maximum medical improvement (“MMI”).

Typically, you will receive some kind of correspondence from either the doctor or the insurance company advising you that you have reached MMI. The Mark Law Firm’s experienced team will help you understand when and how to file your claim petition with the Department of Labor.

So, what is MMI? Maximum medical improvement does not mean that you are cured or that you will ever be the way you were before the injury. Simply put, MMI means that you will no longer be given any medical treatment because it will not continue to improve your condition. The workers’ compensation statute requires only that medical treatment be provided to a point at which treatment will not take you any further in your recovery.

Once you have reached your MMI, your therapy treatment, pain management, medication, and/or surgery options will cease, but you will be able to proceed with your claim petition and seek monetary compensation for your injury.

The team at The Mark Law Firm can explain this process to you in detail. We offer free consultations to injured employees. Contact us online or call us at 908-460-8996 for your free consultation.