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Treatment & Waiting Period

Treatment & Waiting Period

All workers’ compensation claims handled by Mark | Lavigne, LLC are done so through sensitive counseling and aggressive representation.

We offer free consultations throughout the state of New Jersey and are willing to meet with you at one of our locations in Basking Ridge, Newark, or Oradell. We also offer free for phone consultations.

The workers’ compensation statute requires all employees to wait 26 weeks before filing a claim petition with the Department of Labor. Essentially, what this means is that after you have undergone therapy and treatment for pain management, you must then receive a letter from your employer or the treating physician indicating that you are at your maximum medical improvement (MMI). After you’ve been notified that you have reached MMI, you must wait 26 weeks before filing a claim petition.

There are certain times when you cannot wait the full 26 weeks, as the workers’ compensation statute requires filing of the claim petition within two years of the date of your injury. We are here to help and guide you as to the proper time to file.

When you contact Mark | Lavigne, LLC, you will be given thorough and accurate guidance and professional assistance in the filing of your claim petition.

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