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Types of Motions

Types of Motions

The Mark Law Firm has an experienced team to assist you when you’re not receiving the treatment and therapy that you require.

There are several motions that can be filed on your behalf to obtain the fair treatment you need

  • Motion for temporary benefits: The Mark Law Firm will file a motion for temporary benefits, which requires the insurance company to make weekly payments to you in compensation for loss of work due to your injury.
  • Motion for medical treatment: This type of motion is filed to obtain additional medical treatment, pain management, medication, or surgery when your employer or insurance company refuses to provide you the care you need.
  • Motions for emergent medical treatment: These motions are filed when an employee is faced with a situation that requires immediate medical treatment. If your employer cannot adequately respond, we ask the court to grant you the right to see a medical provider immediately.
  • Motions to compel: These motions are typically filed during the discovery process of a worker’s compensation claim to compel medical records, medical treatment, or other forms of relief.
  • Motions to strike answers: When the employer refuses to comply with certain legitimate requests, one tactic is to file a motion to strike the employer’s answer to the claim petition. The purpose is to obtain the employer’s attention as well to have the employer’s answer stricken, which precludes the employer from participating in the workers’ compensation process. This puts the employer at a huge disadvantage and is likely to result in the relief you seek.

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