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Notice Period

Notice Period

The Mark Law Firm is Here to Help Employees with On-The-Job Injuries

To make a successful workers’ compensation claim, an employee must report an injury to his or her employer within a reasonable period of time. Sometimes what is considered reasonable is a period of hours, but sometimes it is reasonable to give notice to the employer much later.

For example, when an employee learns of an injury sometime later, even months later, notice should be given as soon as possible to the employer, who must then report the injury to the insurance carrier in the Department of Labor.

The notice provision is a requirement to protect both the employer and the employee. If adequate notice is given to the employer, the employer will then notify the insurance carrier, who will provide benefits, including temporary payments, medical treatment, and possible injury proceeds, to the employee.

If adequate notice is not given, the employer will often have a legitimate basis on which to question as to the legitimacy of the injury and whether it really occurred at work. Giving adequate notice avoids this issue.

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