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Covered Claims v. Non-Covered Claims

Covered Claims v. Non-Covered Claims

The Mark Law Firm has an experienced and aggressive team that is here to represent you in both covered and non-covered workers’ compensation claims.

The Mark Law Firm has the experience and expertise to guide you when your claim based on a work-related injury is not covered.

Covered Claims

Covered claims are the most common type of worker’s compensation claims. Typically, when you have been injured on the job and provide adequate and timely notice to your employer, your employer will notify the insurance company of your injury. An adjuster from the insurance company will then provide you with information so that you can receive medical treatment. Covered claims generally involve no dispute over how the injury occurred or notice being provided. Treatment is provided, usually in the form of therapy, pain management, medication, and/or surgery.

Non-Covered Claims

Unfortunately, a small percentage of work-related injury claims are not covered. For whatever reason, your employer and/or insurance company may deny your claim of a work-related injury. If this happens, you will have to seek medical treatment through your own private insurance plan. Once a claim petition has been filed, The Mark Law Firm will aggressively represent you and fight for your rights to obtain medical coverage as well as treatment and monetary compensation for your injury.

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