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Employment Contract

Employment Contracts

When you are hired at a job, you are usually given general terms outlining your job responsibilities, and maybe even are given an employee manual to review.

You may be given a memo of understanding, which describes what is expected of you. Most employees in the state of New Jersey are “at will” employees, which means they are not hired under the terms of a written contract. At The Mark Law Firm, our experienced employment law team will be able to explain to you if you have rights under a written contract and what, if any, of those terms are enforceable.

The Mark Law Firm handles employment matters involving hiring contracts, mid-employment contracts, and termination or severance agreements. Many of the contracts offered in an employment materials that are or may be seen as binding contracts are:

Many of the employment agreements dealt with are straightforward and easy to interpret. However, some are very confusing and lead one to believe they have an employment contract when they do not. To be considered a binding employment contract, a court will consider factors such as a definite set of terms, offering employment or other benefits of employment, a specific duration, terms of compensation, and no “at-will” notification.

To have a qualified lawyer review your employment contract, contact us for a consultation in our Basking Ridge office. Be sure you know what you are signing, and be confident that you are getting what you bargained for. The Mark Law Firm has been representing clients throughout the state of New Jersey, including Berkeley Heights, Warren, and Bedminster. Call us at 908-375-6767.

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