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Process in Handling a Family Law Matter

Process in Handling a Family Matter Law Matter

The team at The Mark Law Firm handles various types of family law matters.

These matters are often filed in Chancery Court, family part within the state of New Jersey.

The first step in handling a family law matter is the initial client interview. During the interview, the team at The Mark Law Firm will ask questions relating to your claim. We will sit down with you, talk about your needs, and work out a plan that is best for you, and your children.

It’s very important during the first initial interview for you to feel comfortable with us. Therefore, we meet in a very non-confrontational setting in our conference room, and allow you to tell us what your desired outcome is. The Mark Law Firm team is nonjudgmental, and knowledgeable enough to provide you with alternatives, a game plan, and an overall strategy to obtain your goal.

If you are in need of a divorce, child custody, child support. alimony, name changes, or any post judgment relief, the team at The Mark Law Firm will help you.