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Student Discipline

Student Discipline

Student discipline law and policy is a balance between two separate rights of students:

  • the constitutional right to a public education, and
  • the right to a safe and orderly learning environment.

In New Jersey, procedures and laws to protect students from arbitrary and wrongful discipline are necessary, as are procedures and laws to allow schools to discipline disruptive and dangerous students. For parents of New Jersey students the most important things to know when it comes to Student Discipline is

  • Schools are permitted to suspend and expel students at any age and for a variety of reasons
  • Schools are not obligated by state statute or regulation to provide alternative education to those students who are removed from school.
  • Schools may employ “zero tolerance” policies that punish all offenses, regardless of the individual student’s circumstances, motive or intent, or the actual harm caused by the offense.

Under these circumstances, if your child is the subject of a school disciplinary hearing it is imperative that his or her rights be protected. The school law team at The Mark Law Firm can assist you and defend your child’s state constitutional right to a free and appropriate education.

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