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The New Jersey Constitution provides the right to a “thorough and efficient education” to all New Jersey children. In addition, State and Federal laws require New Jersey public schools to attend to the needs of all of their students including children with disabilities or behavioral issues. Moreover, a child has a right to safe and constructive learning environment, free from harassment, intimidation and bullying (“HIB”). At The Mark Law Firm our education law team focuses on your child’s needs and achieving results that will ensure your child will succeed and grow in the school environment.

The Mark Law Firm also provides advocacy and legal services for issues involving school discipline. Whether it be a suspension or other disciplinary action, we provide our clients with comprehensive counseling and representation. Our philosophy is to ensure your child’s rights and educational future are protected and their needs are being satisfied. In situations where school discipline is warranted, we will argue to ensure that it is age-appropriate, implemented fairly, and seeks a constructive resolution that will be beneficial to everyone involved.

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