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You decide to send a colleague a text message to see if they are interested in dating. No response. You decide to send a few more texts. Finally, your colleague tells you to leave them alone. Instead of heeding the warning, you send several more text messages all within a week. You could be arrested for Stalking.

Stalking is a very serious crime, one in which you should contact a qualified and dedicated attorney to represent you. An attorney can provide you with a defense that you could not otherwise provide to yourself.

N.J.S.A. 2C 12-10 defines stalking as a course of conduct, such as maintaining a visual or physical proximity to another or repeatedly conveying verbal or written threats by means of communication at a person. According to the stalking statute, the “course of conduct” only takes two or more occasions and you can be arrested for stalking.

The Mark Law Firm and its team represents defendants charged with stalking. For more information on stalking and how we can defend you, contact us.

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