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Case #6: Employment Law

Case #6: Employment Law Plaintiff Suzy Smith is a female of Indian descent. In 2011, she was hired by Acme School as a guidance counselor. Ms. Smith was very qualified for her job and [...]

Case #5: Prevailing Wage

Case #5: Prevailing Wage Plaintiff Suzy Smith was employed by Acme Corp, a business that provides IT consulting services on various public work projects. Suzy Smith helped in the installation and setup of SMART [...]

Case #4: Age Discrimination Harassment

Case #4: Age Discrimination Harassment Plaintiff Suzy Smith was hired as a front-of-the-house manager at Acme Corp. Prior to her employment, she had suffered injuries to her ankle, making it difficult for her to [...]

Case #3: Religious Discrimination

Case #3: Religious Discrimination Suzy Smith worked for Acme Corp as a service manager, assisting the opening of eight Acme Corp locations in the state. Ms. Smith is a practicing Jehovah’s Witness, which had [...]

Case #2: Employment Law

Case #2: Employment Law Suzy Smith was employed as a digital media consultant for a website. At the time, Jimmy Jones, owner of Acme Corp, offered Suzy Smith the director of digital sales position, [...]

Case #1: Sexual Harassment

Case #1: Sexual Harassment Plaintiff Suzy Smith was a 23-year old single mother who was putting herself through college. Smith was formerly employed for Acme Corp and assisted in a program that provided work [...]