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Case #6: Employment Law

Case #6: Employment Law Plaintiff Suzy Smith is a female of Indian descent. In 2011, she was hired by Acme School as a guidance counselor. Ms. Smith was very qualified for her job and performed satisfactorily throughout her employment. Around November 2012, Ms. Smith took an approved maternity leave through June of 2013.   [...]

Case #5: Prevailing Wage

Case #5: Prevailing Wage Plaintiff Suzy Smith was employed by Acme Corp, a business that provides IT consulting services on various public work projects. Suzy Smith helped in the installation and setup of SMART boards and Chromebooks, installation of fiber optics and other electrical wiring, and the setup of other electrical instruments at various [...]

Case #4: Age Discrimination Harassment

Case #4: Age Discrimination Harassment Plaintiff Suzy Smith was hired as a front-of-the-house manager at Acme Corp. Prior to her employment, she had suffered injuries to her ankle, making it difficult for her to walk long distances. As a result, she had a permanent handicapped parking permit.   From the time of her hiring [...]

Case #3: Religious Discrimination

Case #3: Religious Discrimination Suzy Smith worked for Acme Corp as a service manager, assisting the opening of eight Acme Corp locations in the state. Ms. Smith is a practicing Jehovah’s Witness, which had been well known at the time she was hired. While working at Acme Corp, Ms. Smith maintained a clean record. [...]

Case #2: Employment Law

Case #2: Employment Law Suzy Smith was employed as a digital media consultant for a website. At the time, Jimmy Jones, owner of Acme Corp, offered Suzy Smith the director of digital sales position, Ms. Smith was going through a divorce. She had been concerned about leaving her previous employer because moving to a [...]

Case #1: Sexual Harassment

Case #1: Sexual Harassment Plaintiff Suzy Smith was a 23-year old single mother who was putting herself through college. Smith was formerly employed for Acme Corp and assisted in a program that provided work experience and training for clients with limited work experience. Ms. Smith was assigned to work at an Acme Corp location [...]