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Employment Law

Employees in New Jersey have rights under federal and state law, including the right to remain employed without being harassed or discriminated or retaliated against. No employer may discriminate on the basis of your age, gender, race or national origin. Sexual harassment is also against the law.


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The employment law attorneys at The Mark Law Firm have extensive experience in employment law and have gained a strong grasp of employment law issues working in the defense industry. It’s important to protect employees’ rights in the workplace under laws such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Employers also need defense against unfair claims. For a confidential consultation, contact the firm’s offices in Basking Ridge, Oradell, or Newark, New Jersey.

New Jersey Employment Law Rights

The Mark Law Firm fights hard for clients in issues of employment law, including:

  • Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Law

    Work place discrimination is illegal and often takes the form of subtle conduct of an employer’s supervisors.    Discrimination is illegal and often rears its ugly head against certain classes of people who are legally protected against discrimination.  Legally protected classes include race, religion, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, military service, and family status.

    Workplace harassment comes in the form of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.  These matters can be very stressful at work and you should not have to be subjected to such harassment.  Sexual harassment comes in two forms, hostile work environment and quid pro quo.   Neither form of sexual harassment should be tolerated, and incidents must be reported immediately to your supervisor.

  • Whistleblower & Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA)

    Being a whistleblower takes courage.   It is not easy to go against your boss and report illegal conduct.  You know you may be terminated for doing so, but you have morals and principals, so you do what is right.   When you tell your boss that what the company has done (violating the law, rules, or regulations) is illegal, and you are a victim of termination, you may be a legally protected whistleblower who has rights under New Jersey’s CEPA laws.  The Conscientious Employee Protection Act was developed to give whistleblowers real protections under the law.

  • Employment Contracts

    Work contracts are very complicated and should be negotiated, drafted, and interpreted by skilled employment lawyers.  In some cases, an employment contract and the terms and conditions outlined must be litigated by qualified employment lawyers.   The Mark Law Firm represents both employees and companies in contract disputes.  Whether the dispute is based upon the drafting of a letter of understanding, terms of an employee manual, employment contracts, non-compete or solicitation agreements, separation or severance agreements, or termination letters, The Mark Law Firm and its qualified attorneys are here to help.

  • Wage and Hour Rules, Laws and Code

    New Jersey has strict laws on wages. The minimum wage of $8.25 per hour as of January 1, 2014 and overtime for more than 40 hours of work must be paid to hourly workers. Independent contractors are not subject to this rule.  Employees must know their wage & hour rights, and employers should know their obligations under these laws.

    Employees who suffer retaliation for complaining about not getting paid are encouraged to contact an employment law attorney at Mark Law Firm for help in recovering damages.

  • Prevailing Wage Laws

    If you are employed on a public works projects, you are entitled to receive a prevailing wage set out in a contract. If you are paid less than the prevailing wage, you and other employees may be entitled to sue your employer for unpaid wages, costs, and attorney fees.

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