Criminal Law

Criminal Law

The Mark Law Firm and its experienced attorneys represent people throughout the state of New Jersey, focusing primarily in Somerset and Essex Counties. The firm has a solid reputation of representing clients in the defense of drug crimes, sex crimes, and both violent and non-violent crimes. The Mark Law Firm represents those who have been charged with indictable offenses as well as non-indictable and petty disorderly offenses. We have successfully represented clients who have been criminally charged, need immediate and competent help, and require a strong defense team.

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The Mark Law Firm handles complex criminal matters throughout the state. We handle an extensive list of criminal charges, all of which can be found in the New Jersey criminal statute, N.J.S. 2C. The most common crimes we handle and see frequently include

No crime is a simple crime, and when you have been arrested, you must take the threat of pending criminal prosecution very seriously. The Mark Law Firm treats all arrests, bail hearings, arraignments, and your incarceration very seriously. We understand that when you have been charged with a crime, your life is immediately changed. Embarrassment sets in, financial stress looms, and the possible loss of liberty is tragic. You need a thorough and aggressive attorney to defend you, which is why we are here to represent you. We treat all clients with respect and dignity and explain the process so that you know what to expect.


The Mark Law Firm defends all types of crimes, including those in Superior Court and Municipal Court. We represent both adults and juveniles. We represent clients involved in violent and nonviolent crimes, DWI matters, as well as property crimes. No matter is too large or too small.


Jamison Mark is a former Assistant Municipal Prosecutor and Assistant Deputy Attorney General. He has the experience and skills to represent you or a loved one. Contact The Mark Law Firm to speak with one of our experienced lawyers about defending you. Our attorneys handle matters throughout the state, including northern New Jersey and Somerset County. Call us at 908-375-6767  for your immediate consultation.