Client Testimonials

“The Mark Law Firm is a good, experienced and quality firm. The process was friendly and they worked hard on my case. With respect, I recommend The Mark Law Firm. Thank you Mr. Mark and Staff.”
- J.C.
Jamison M. Mark, Esq. and Staff were exceptionally professional, down to earth and on the “Mark” with respect to the outcome of my case. I highly recommend the The Mark Law Firm, LLC to assist with various legal matters.
- F.M.
I think that The Mark Law Firm did a great job handling my case. Jamison Mark and his crew were there always to help with questioned I needed to know or didn’t understand. Overall I was more than happy with the outcome of my case. I would highly recommend anyone that needs an Attorney, to The Mark Law Firm.
- E.B.
Thank you Mark Law Firm for helping companies realize that they really need to check the quality of their workers. Background and integrity and personality checks need to be done on employees so they can hopefully weed out the bad employees such as the one who sexually harassed me at my job. I believe that if thorough tests were done on her, she would not have did this to hurt me. Even though I am in therapy still, the Firm helped let this temp agency know to triple check their temporary staff to be placed.
- J.L.
I was very happy and satisfied with my representation by The Mark Law Firm. Everyone I met in the firm was professional, friendly, kind and in some cases, kind of quirky, which made it for a pleasant atmosphere in a nervous situation. The firm worked hard for a good resolution for my case and I appreciate it. I highly recommend The Mark Law Firm.
- R.L.
Thank you for all your help! The professionalism practiced by Jamison and his team was above expectation. I knew that I was being represented by a quality team of lawyer when Jamison came to my home state for my initial consultation! It showed the care and dedication that his team offers clients. I was truly pleased with his staff and their commitment to my case. I was well informed throughout the whole process. I definitely felt take care of. Thanks again to Jamison, Stephanie and Jessica.
- B.H.
I sincerely appreciate the The Mark Law Firm’s help in my case. While other attorneys gave up hope on my wrongful termination case, Mr. Mark provided me with hope, excellent service , legal help, guidance and provided a very, very satisfactory result. Mr. Mark communicated with me via emails and phone clearly and professionally. I am very, very satisfied with the law Firm’s help in resolving my case and the outcome of my case in terms of financial settlement was more than I had expected. Thank you for all your help, excellent service, legal advice, and prompt service.
- A.D.
I am 100% satisfied with the handling of my case by The Mark Law Firm. I am also satisfied by the way the entire staff handled my calls and questions, and kept Mr. Mark and myself in the loop with each other throughout the many stages of my case. They are truly a great team. I would definitely refer The Mark Law Firm to anyone that is in need of a lawyer for any future incidents.
- J.B.
Jamison is an up and coming New Jersey plaintiffs’ employment attorney with whom I share membership in the National Employment Lawyers Assoc./New Jersey and New Jersey Assoc for Justice. He’s shown a keen interest in disability accommodation and sexual harassment cases as well as trial advocacy. Jamison has sucessfully combined his interests and talents to produce great results when representing employees in State and federal court jury trials. I’d recommend this attorney to any New Jersey employee or executive whose workplace rights have been violated.
- R.Y., Owner and Principal Attorney of LAW OFFICES OF RICHARD E. YASKIN, P.C.
I have had the pleasure to know Jamison both personally and professionally. He is certainly one to go to the limit for his clients and his friends. A truly professional and genuine person.
- R.G., Morristown Wealth Management
I fully endorse and recommend Jamison Mark and The Mark Law Firm. Jamison’s legal aptitude, work ethic, industry reciprocity, and judicial sagaciousness combine to position him as a forceful attorney! In addition to his legal talent, Jamison is a wise and effective businessperson. He is well equipped with a notable acumen in business matters.
- H.R., Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young LLP
Jamison and I went to college together at Iowa State. I have known him personally for quite some time. And, as we both settled out East, been fortunate to watch Jamison blossom professionally over the years. He is incredibly affiable, kind and “on the mark” in knowing the law and getting results for his clients.
- P.E., Chief Growth Officer at Local Bigwig
The firm represented me in a very difficult case against a large municipality. The services were exceptional, and I was kept in the loop throughout the whole process. The services provided to me were well above my expectations.
- J.B.
The Mark Law Firm does what too-big firms and half burnt out attorney usually do not do. They listen to you from your 1st meeting to discuss your case without first thinking as to how wealthy you are. They do not always put a fake façade by wearing fancy suites, ties or dresses. They have different people specializing in different practice areas and they all work well together, as a team for your benefit. Finally, they talk to you and not at you, while keeping you informed often.
- J.A.
This note is loooong over due! I want to THANK YOU personally for assisting me and my family as our legal representative for your unwavering support, protectiveness and defense of our ailing family member as well as my entire family. First, Kevin is not only an excellent attorney, but he is also a compassionate caring man that righted great wrongs. I would also ask that you send a special “thank you” to your staff. They were so thoughtful and dear. They would just check in with me to see how my family was doing. Of course, my deepest and most sincere appreciation goes to you Jamison for choosing colleagues that are not only masters of their field but also for selecting those with a high moral compass, be conveyed properly into words. May God Bless you!
- S.B.
My family and I would like to thank you and your staff for your kindness, patience, support and your knowledge of the laws throughout our case. Your firm’s communication, and skills with us, made the case move along successfully. Your firm is not the typical firm that would settle first and ask questions later. You put your client’s needs first and we appreciate that very much. I would commend your firm to anyone that needs legal representation.
- B.B.
Thanks to The Mark Law Firm, justice has been done and I have received a monetary amount to help these pains ease. The predators in this scenario had been exposed for what they have done and people know about it. Those who did these things to me hopefully will never do this ever again. Through The Mark Law Firm, they are helping this world be a better, equal, lawful, polite, fair and pleasant place to live. I thank them greatly.
- J.L.
The staff at The Mark Law Firm were both professional and reasonable – two qualities that don’t normally go hand-in-hand at a law firm. Jamison Mark advocates quite impressively for his clients and keeps the lines of communication open with them along every step of the way. As his client, I always felt that he kept my best interest at hear and would highly recommend him and his staff.
- G.C.
I was in a precarious position … I was not retained as an employee of one of the most prestigious educational programs in the state. Let me mention, I was one of the most popular and dedicated instructors on staff with absolutely no infractions during my tenure. The case was clearly a racial matter. When I came to Mr. Mark, he was aggressive but clear to what route we must take to resolve the matter in a timely fashion. Within months my case was resolved and I walked away as “one happy camper.” Job Well Done!
- M.H.
After being injured performing my job, Mr. Mark was not only professional but compassionate of my situation when he filed the lawsuit, all procedures were explained to me in detail from the beginning to the end. My case settled in a fairly short period of time, and I would highly recommend him to everyone.
- C.B.
The Mark Law Firm is a professional firm that fights for the best outcome for their clients in any legal situation. The lawyers are always there and return phone calls, return emails and answer all the questions adequately. The Mark Law Firm deals with all the legal issues so it left me with very minimum work that I had to do myself which alleviated a majority of the stress. The Mark Law Firm is an excellent law firm and I would recommend the Firm to anyone seeking a top notch attorney.
- K.T.
Jamison Mark was very thorough and did the best for this particular case. If ever the need arises, I will rehire you and I highly recommend you.
- L.H.
Working with The Mark Law Firm was great. I was able to resolve my case, and they were very attentive, pleasant and very accommodating to my situation
- M.B.
The Mark Law Firm provided good advice throughout the process, did their homework, and fought hard on my behalf. A great team.
- D.C.
A thank you does not seem enough for this law firm. The patience, ongoing support, encouragement, frequent emails and check-in calls, made going through this rough patch easier. They were in my corner every step of the way and made sure everything was completed in a timely manner. I will definitely trust The Mark Law Firm with everything I have. I am very blessed to stumble upon an amazing team filled with genuine, sincere compassion. Thank you a billion times more Mark Law Firm!!!
- S.T.
“Having grown up in a family of attorneys, I’m skeptical when it comes to hiring an attorney. After meeting with Jamison Mark, I felt confident he would be the best lawyer to represent me. I’d interviewed 5 other law firms and none of them compared to the honesty and confidence Mr. Mark portrayed. Jamison Mark’s staff kept in constant contact with me assuring me of all information during my case. Mr. Mark is definitely not a typical, self-serving lawyer and will have me as a client for life!”
- R.C.
“The Mark Law Firm has helped me in several cases. Represented me very well, defending my constitutional rights as an employee. I would like to take the time to thank The Mark Law Firm for the hard work and excellent service”.
- E.N.
“Jamison Mark is caring, sympathetic and very thorough when it came to explaining to me each step of my case. I always felt informed. His staff was excellent and very responsive, answered all my questions and kept me up to date. Jamison is very smart and got to the core of the matter very aggressively. Jamison fights for justice of the innocent.”
- R.R.
“The Mark Law Firm is a professional firm that fights for the best outcomes for their clients in any legal situation. The lawyers are always there to return phone calls, return emails and answer all questions adequately. The Mark Law Firm deals with all the legal issues, so it left me very minimal work that I had to do myself which alleviated a majority of the stress. The Mark Law Firm is an excellent law firm and I would recommend it to anyone seeking top notch attorneys.”
- K.T.
I am very glad I hired The Mark Law Firm. Jamison kept me up to date on everything throughout the whole process. He was very responsive to me, answered all my questions in a timely fashion.
- J.F.
“The Mark Law Firm did a very good job with acquiring my case, doing research, presenting evidence and closing my case in a short period of time. I am very pleased with an excellent job that was well done.”